Grout Polymer

Kasper Grout is a cement and polymer modified tile joint filler. It effectively fills the gaps and levels itself to give hard wearing and non-dusting tile joints. It firmly holds the tiles together to give a long life to the tiles. It can be used for 1mm to 6mm joint width max. it is recommended for ceramic, vitrified, non-vitrified tiles and stones. Application area :- Residential, Commercial, Institutions, Hospital, Schools, Laboratories, Hotels, Showrooms, Swimming Pools etc.

Features and benefits • Polymer modified grout
• Easy to use and clean
• Good compressive strength
• Non dusting
• abrasion
• High Bonding
Storage and shelf live 12 month of the date of manufacturing when stored under dry condition
Pack size 1 kg. pouch & 12 KG
Color Ask for color