Kasper Crete

Kasper Crete is an acrylic based Polymer Modified cementitious composite coating system which when used with sand/ cement, greatly improves the bond strength and flexibility. Being water resistant, Kasper crete mixed with cement can be used as a water resistant barrier coat. It can also used as an Admix for renders/ screeds creating high bond strength and flexibility. Kasper crete can be applied to damp surfaces and can be rendered or painted over.

Features and benefits • High performance polymer additive for cement and concrete mixes.
• Water Resistant-used as a temporary water proofing barrier on roof tops.
• Kasper crete polymer adds to the potential use as well as to the properties of cement mortar making them excellent choices for use in new as well as renovation work.
• Kasper crete is ideal for surfacing, protecting, waterproofing & repairing concrete masonry and other construction materials.
• kasper crete reduces or prevents salt penetration into concrete.
• Kasper crete developes excellent bond to most building material.
• Kasper crate is applied in a uniform thickness to horizontal and vertical surfaces.
• Kasper crete is highly durable in continuous wetting conditions.
• Kasper crete is a non toxic.
• Kasper crete is not harmful to the health of work man.
Coverage Capacity First Coat Approx 40-45 sq. ft. / Ltr Second coat Approx 50-55 sq. ft. / Ltr.
Storage and shelf live Kasper Crete has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacturing.