Kasper Crete 2K

Kasper platinum star white cement based polymer modified tile adhesive specially designed for glass mosaic application for internal/ external, vertical and horizontal surfaces. Being excellent in waterproofing, can be used for water bodies. Ideal for use in green building. Application area :- Suitable for waterproofing of rooffterrace, podium slabs. landscapes, sunken areas etc.
Effective for damp-proofing, arresting arbonation/efflorescence over concrete/ mortar/ bricks over/ block work surfaces.
Exterior waterproofing of basement wall in new buildings, interior waterproofing of water tanks swimming pools etc.
Features and benefits :- Excellent adhesion to sound and prepared surface of most materials.
Easy to apply I Non-Toxic, safe in contact with drinking water
Excellent resistance to water ingress from both positive and negative sides. 'Excellent protection against carbonation, efflorescence. salt petering, chloride attack and freeze-thaw cycle.

Storage and shelf live 12 months if kept in original packing under shed.
Pack size 5 Litre & 10 kg in pre weighted quantities of Pack A & Pack B