Kasper + PLUS Waterproofing Compound

Kasper PLW+ is a waterproofing liquid admixture with high water reducing and pore blocking ability. It is a blend of specialized active ingredients of waterproof concrete when there is permeability through hydrostatic head pressure of capillary absorption.
Application area :- Most suitable for production of flowing concrete, pumped concrete. prestressed concrete as well as industrial/ commercial flooring and floor toppings. Most effective waterproofing through large water reduction and higher strength for basement reservoirs, retaining walls, canals, bridges, swimming pools dams water tank in situation where hydro insulation is must.
Features and benefits:-
• New generation waterproofing-cum- super plasticizer. Higher strength and impermeability of concrete is greatly improved.
• Highest possible water tightness achieved through lower w/c thereby ensuring durability of concrete structure. With increased cohesion, segregation and bleeding are substantially reduced. Highly effective in reduction of permeability due to hydrostatic head pressure or capillary action or both. Contains active corrosion inhibitors which protect steel against corrosion. Improved surface finish of concrete. Improved pump and work ability. Reduce shrinkage crack development in plaster & concrete. Chloride free safe in pre-stressed and re-inforced concrete.

Storage and shelf live 24 months in unopened conditions
Pack size 250 ml, 1 litre, 5 litre & 20 Litre